4 U From Me

Handmade one-of-a-kind jewellery and many varieties of crochet hats for everyone.

Dickey Bird Fly-Thru Feeder

Designed and made locally by Randall Goodwin. This original design makes it easy for small birds to fly through and eat the seed while making it difficult for squirrels and such to get a nibble.  The feeders are made with PVC piping and aviation cables and hang horizontally with access at both ends. They are available in various colours.

Frayed Knots

Strong, colourful and practical wearable items made from 550 para cord. Pet collars, survival bracelets, lanyards and other jewelry. Custom orders welcome.

Hatched Halifax

Hatched Halifax brings you handmade paper crafts, greeting cards, stationery, stickers, unique and creative DIY kits, and a whole lot more.   Everything is handmade in Halifax, Nova Scotia by Heidi Hallett. 

Kemble Knits

Unique hand crafted Crochet items!  From hats, head bands, dish scrubs and custom orders available!

Made by Gretchen

I am an artist by nature and have been making things for most of my life.  I love the expressive and meditative qualities of craft and enjoy sharing these with others. I believe it is important for society to keep crafts and handmade art alive and well.  Each piece is created by hand with passion and care.  

So Glass

Two local crafts people who have a passion for creating one of a kind items.  You can find; turned pens, wooden boxes, felted art, fused glass bowels and pendants that have been hand crafted with care and attention to detail.  Custom orders welcome.


THERApotions began as a personal initiative to create my own personal care and home remedy products in an effort to reduce my exposure to chemicals and synthetic ingredients while maintaining the efficacy of my favourite drug store brands. Following age old wisdom, using simple methods and harnessing the healing power of herbs, plants and essential oils, I have created completely natural alternatives to replace most of the common products we all keep in our homes.  The products contain absolutely no chemicals, preservatives, toxins, additives or synthetic compounds.  Handmade, 100% natural plant based home remedy products and natural versions of the products you use everyday. 

Tigers Eye Design

Hand made knives forged and ground from high carbon steel, handles from wood and bone. Sharpening services and custom made handles available along with custom designed jewelry from wood, bone, copper, silver and other natural materials. Bring your tools, scissors, knives and lawn equipment into the market to be sharpened while you shop!  

Halifax Forum Farmers' Market

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