Dinah's Sourdough

Dinah is an all-rye sourdough starter who's been pumping out delicious and hearty stone-hearth loaves since her inception in 2012.  Baker Dan Corbett makes and bakes from his cafe on Novalea Dr. in Halifax, bringing rye, whole wheat, and multigrain loaves, tarts, croissants, danishes weekly to the market.

Garlic and Ganache

Locally baked goods! Bread, Granola, Cakes,English Muffins, Scones and more!

McCullouch Bakery

Welcome to the McCulloch Family Bakery,  tucked away on a quiet road in the village of Stewiacke in Nova Scotia.  Owned and operated by the McCulloch family, the bakery makes its goodies the old fashioned way, taking all the care that Grandma did when she created those special treats that we call "comfort food" today. Whether it's a simple loaf of bread, chewy cookies, juicy pies or decadent donuts, we promise you we give every item the time it deserves. 

Mrs. P's Homestyle Bakery

Mrs. P’s Homestyle Bakery located in Spryfield is a local legend who offers delicious pies, cakes, cookies and her famous oatcakes!  Hardyware preserves are also available at her table every Saturday at the market.  

Oh My Fudge

Only two words are needed to describe Oh My Fudge: simply addictive. But creamy, smooth, decadent and delicious also fit the bill. Inspired by her grandmother's signature peanut butter fudge, owner Carrie McDonald has spent years experimenting with recipes and ingredients - and is now offering over 10 flavours of this delectable treat! Handmade and gluten-free, Oh My Fudge is available by the slice or as full cakes for special occasions. 

Sweet & Salty by AJ

Cooking is our passion since we were 8 years old. We are a young Dominican couple who started this business in the US looking to shared our delicious food in our community. Moving to Halifax in June 2019, decided to sell our delicious desserts and appetizers such as Dominican Coconut Cookies, Bread Pudding, Pies, Rice Pudding, Jelly Filled Empanadas, variety of Eggnogs and much more. We realized that we make wonderful and delightful food and want to grow up our business in this community we love, Halifax. Come and try our Dominican desserts variety and we will assure you that you’ll be back to us.

Halifax Forum Farmers' Market

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